DaliVit Drops, the 7 essential vitamins


Once-a-day DaliVit MULTIVITAMIN DROPS contain the
7 ESSENTIAL VITAMINS for healthy growth & development

DaliVit Drops Vitamin ADaliVit Drops Vitamin D2DaliVit Drops Vitamin B1DaliVit Drops Vitamin B2DaliVit Drops Vitamin B6DaliVit Drops Vitamin B3DaliVit Drops Vitamin C

About Dalivit drops

Once-a-day, NUT FREE multivitamins for babies and toddlers.

Vitamins are essential for good and healthy start in life, in children they are particularly important for normal growth and development.

The necessary vitamins are usually provided by a balanced and varied diet, but if any of the essential vitamins are absent from food for long periods of time, poor growth or certain deficiency diseases can occur. 


What's in dalivit

DaliVit Multivitamin Drops contain the seven essential vitamins for the prevention of vitamin deficiency. Just one daily dose supplies the recommended amounts of these vitamins for normal health and growth in early childhood.


FREE from Peanuts

If you are allergic to Peanut Oil or Soya, you CAN use DaliVit Multivitamin Drops with confidence.

  • Does not contain peanut oil (arachis oil)
  • Contains the seven essential vitamins
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
  • No added colours
  • Easy to administer with integral dropper system

Remember - dalivit is Available on Prescription

What are the DaliVit 7 essential vitamins and what do they do?

A dose of 14 drops (0.6ml) provides Vitamin: 


as Palmitate 5,000 Units
For the development of bones, teeth, skin and the prevention of rickets

Vitamin A


Ergocalciferol B.P. 400 Units
For the development of bones, teeth, skin and the prevention of rickets

Vitamin D2


Thiamine Hydrochloride B.P. 1mg
For the development and functioning of the nervous system

Vitamin B1


Riboflavin as Na Phosp. B.P. 0.4mg
For the development and functioning of the nervous system

Vitamin B2
DaliVit Multivitamin drop bottle
Vitamin B6


Pyridoxine Hydrochloride B.P. 0.5mg
For the development and functioning of the nervous system

Vitamin B3


Nicotinamide B.P. 5mg
Helps develop healthy blood, gums, cartilage and also aids iron absorption

Vitamin C


Ascorbic Acid B.P. 50mg
Helps develop healthy blood, gums, cartilage and also aids iron absorption

No Arachis Oil


Contains NO Arachis Oil (Peanut Oil)
Safe for those allergic to Peanut Oil or Soya.

What you need to know about multivitamins as a parent

Vitamins are essential for a healthy start in life, in children they are particularly important for normal growth and development.

The necessary vitamins would be provided through a healthy balanced and varied diet, however should any of the essential vitamins be absent from the food for a long period of time, poor growth or certain deficiency diseases may occur.

Peanut allergy is becoming ever more commonplace, with recent studies showing that the rate of peanut allergy has doubled over a five year period both here in Europe and the United States. Peanut allergy is estimated to affect 1 in 50 young infants.

Food allergies are amongst the most common in children who come from families where other members suffer from an allergy. Babies with eczema are particularly at risk of having some form of food allergy.

Information available in

DaliVit user comments

These vitamins are great!!!

Hello we had premature identical twin girls on jan 29 2016,at 32 weeks,they spent 2months in the NICU at altnagelvin hospital in derry city where they started on dalivit. The smaller of the twins saoirse had a severe dairy allergy and never liked her bottles,dalavit was always there to help supplement this problem,now at a year old when they seethe dalavit bottle they go mad,they love it off the spoon. Thanks for your help in the 1st year of our girls lives

Bob McLaughlin

These vitamins are great!!!

My granddaughter takes them off the spoon, but they can be added to food or drink as well. They are good for children with a nut allergy as they have no peanut oil at all in them. A lot of vitamin drops do have peanut oil in them so care needs to be taken.


P. Salter (Leicestershire)

Amazing! Drop in milk or food...

I wish I had known about these with my first child! Have used them with my now 18month old for ages - easy to use and can go in milk or in food. Much better than trying to syringe or spoon horrible tasting vitamins into babies mouths! My little one has never been put off his food or milk with these drops in them. Highly recommended!

Jennie - January 2015

Recommended by a friend...

My daughter has many allergies and found it difficult to find suitable vitamins for her. These were recommended by a friend and she has taken to them well.


Nasreen - April 2015


All essential vitamins suggested by paediatrician in one bottle. easy to add drop counting system in a quantity that lasts.

Katerina - March 2014

FAQ DaliVit & Multivitamins

DaliVit FAQ

Why should my child need multivitamin drops?

A healthy diet will provide all the vitamins you need, however, children have a higher vitamin requirement which may not always be met by their diet, therefore it may be necessary to supplement their vitamin intake.

DaliVit FAQ

Who gets a peanut allergy?

Typically people with a peanut allergy are atopic (pronetoallergic reactions), and those who may also have eczema, asthma or hay fever. There is also a tendency for an allergy to run in the family.

DaliVit FAQ

How old should my child be before taking multivitamin drops?

DaliVit Multivitamin Drops can be taken by children from 6 weeks.

DaliVit FAQ

Can my doctor prescribe Multivitamin drops?

Not all multivitamins are available on prescription, however, DaliVit can be prescribed if your doctor feels it is necessary.

DaliVit FAQ

What is the dose for DaliVit Multivitamin drops?

For babies from 6 weeks to one year, the dose is 7 drops daily. For older children it is 14 drops daily.

DaliVit FAQ

Does DaliVit satisfy all the dietary requirements?

There is no substitute for a healthy balanced diet, DaliVit can assist in contributing to such a diet.

DaliVit FAQ

Where can I get DaliVit?

DaliVit Multivitamin Drops will be available at your local pharmacy. If you cannot find Dalivit in the main shop, ask the pharmacist. You can also follow the link at the bottom of this page Rowlands, The Health Counter or for prescriptions, Lloyds Pharmacy.

DaliVit FAQ

What are the necessary vitamins required?

DaliVit Multivitamins contains what is known as the 7 essential vitamins which includes: Vitamin A, D2, B1, B2, B3, B6 and C. Note not all multivitamins contain all of these, make sure you read the pack before selecting a product.

DaliVit FAQ

What is rickets?

Rickets is a childhood bone disorder in which bones can soften and become prone to fractures and deformity. The main cause of rickets is a lack of vitamin D. Not having enough calcium in one's diet may also be a cause. Some childhood kidney and liver diseases can cause rickets, as may a digestive disorder complication that affects calcium and phosphorous absorption. See also RICKETS...

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